RuPaul Drag Race Makeup Tutorial Lite: A Girls Guide To Drag Volume 1

Ru Paul Drag Race Season 4 is in full effect. In celebration of the super fun competition I am here to break down some of my favorite looks seen on the show. So if you’re a Lady or LadyBoy it doesn’t matter, this Lite tutorial will make it werkk!

Carmen Carrera a fellow NJ Makeup Artist is known as “The Body Queen”, but I consider her the Lip Queen. I use Carmen’s technique on myself to give a fuller look in my daily routine. Here is my way of doing it…

I tend to do lips last. Crossing over your face with your hands can get in the way and lipstick winds up everywhere so I try to do lips last. You want to make sure your lips aren’t flaky. Use a warm, wet toothbrush to remove any flakes on your lips and blot dry.

You want to make sure your Foundation is applied and you have full coverage around your mouth area and even over the lips. Above the curve of your lip and under your bottom lip you want to use a Light Concealer or Highlighting Concealer that is a shade or two Lighter than your skin tone. Just above and under the lips to give a pucker effect. Now you want to grab Light Spice colored liner or a Brownish Pink color. I personally love Spice and Stripdown by MAC and any of the Brown/Pink Liners from ULTA. Start drawing slightly above your lip line with light feathery strokes. Do not press hard since you are going for a blended line and try not to connect the corners. The look you are going for is a “Pursed Look”. Think J LO and Drew Barrymore, not Missy Elliot. If you need to blend it in so its not harsh, use your pinky finger or liner brush. Fill your lips in with a Pink or Light Brown color that has Bronze, Pink or Beige undertones. Nothing Candy Colored, not a Nicki Minaj kind of Pink. Give it two good coats, blot and top with Gloss. Go for a Jelly kind of gloss not a runny Gloss since it can make the liner bleed and melt the look.

Have fun Ladies!;)


Raja Gemini brings the Club to the Runway. With constant style changes and parody attire Raja is not afraid to stand out. To copy Raja’s stand out Vogue look, read on…

Once you have your Foundation base you want to grab a Red Brick colored Blush or Red Eyeshadow. Make a few clean swipes with your Blush brush and tap it to rid any excess color. Start with a few taps slightly under your cheekbones and tap up a few inches towards the eyes. Now sweep forward towards your nose and sweep back again. If you want to add a beauty mark now is the time. Draw one on with a Brown Pencil or Liquid Liner. It sit for a few moments to dry and pat with blush again. To make it look natural you want to cover it over with blush, as if it were already part of the cheek you are making up. Now grab some Primer or a Yellow Based Concealer. Cover your eye using your ring finger and let it set. Now using a brush or your ring finger dab some Lime Green shadow starting at the inner corner of your eye and towards the outer corner. Blend. Go to the inner corner again and do a second layer just towards the inner corner. If you want it bright and poppy grab some White Eyeshadow and use a little bit on the inner corner blending up and outward. Draw a very thin line on the upper lashes using a Black Liquid Liner and finish with Black Mascara. Now get an Eyeliner Brush and some Lip Gloss. Put a dab of Lip Gloss on the back of your hand and dip the Brush into the Blush and/or Eyeshadow and then swipe the brush on your hand and Lip Gloss. Blend it together and make a Paste to do those brows! Go with whatever shape you want or follow Raja’s shape. Line your lips with Wine or Dark Red Lip Liner and fill with Red Lipstick, top it with Gloss and you are done!


To get a Porcelain/Bronze glow like Miss Manila you will need Powder, Blush and Bronzer. Grab a business card or clothing price tag as a stencil and a nice fat brush:D

Manila is known for Face Contouring. Fans have been begging for almost a year now to know Karl’s tricks. I have been guessing myself and this is my go at it…

When your Foundation has settled go ahead and Powder your face to remove excess oil, this will help your Bronzer and Blush sit well and not cake or darken. Get the piece of paper you are using and line it up around the top part of your ear canal where it meets under your cheekbone. Dip your Brush in Bronzer and dab along the line of the card. Stop and do it again. It may leave a harsh line, but this is what you want. Cheek you line out and place the card against your cheek again. This time use your Blush on that section and work your way up to the Temples and a little bit on the apples and towards your nose. Dip the same brush in your Face Powder and blend those lines. Your brush should be packed with color pigments. If not use the brush in all three powders and Contour the sides of your temples and along the hairline, leaving the forehead bare. Do your jawline and under the chin with the same mixture. If you have any loose Shimmer Powder, dust with that and rock that Manila look. The same mixture can be use to make a subtle nose contour and shadow. Now go out and have some fun!!

Stop back for more looks that are SICKENING TO THE T! RPDR is an innovation to Makeup Artistry and I will be here trying my best to replicate the fantastic Artistry these Performers bring to America every week!


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luis a rentas - hi i needed to learn how to make me look like a drag queen. i needed someone to show me so bad. thnak you!

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