A Step By Step Makeup Tutorial: Kat Dennings-Get Her Sexy, Edgy Look!


Her makeup look is perfect for wearing as an everyday look. It is fun and sultry at the same time.

Read on for tips on how to get her youthful, edgy look

Kat sporting seductive eyes and pale lips.



This look seen here can be done with the new limited edition MAC lipstick Cozy Up.

We used this lipstick on several bridesmaids at a wedding this week and it looked fab!

Cozy Up, available for a limited time.

To get this look right you want to make sure your lips do not have any flakes on them.
Run a damp toothbrush over your lips, for the best result without any splits use a balm as well.
After you have de-flaked your lips you will want to apply your foundation as usual.
Change it up a bit and apply foundation on your lips and blot.
This will even your skin tone out around where the lipstick will go, act as a base and also make the skin around your lips brighter
which will make it seem like your lips are bigger.
Use a lip brush to apply the color as if you were using it as a color. Now fill it in with the same shade. Powder
your lips with a powder that matches your skin tone and apply the color again, this time straight from the tube.
This will ensure that the color stays on and packs it in. Light lip colors can start to look a bit off when the color wears down, this
can be bad if you have dark lips like myself. I use this technique on myself and clients.
For your eyes you will want to apply a super dark, black liner around your eyes on the waterline and also darken inside the lashes with it.
Blend it in with your fingers, the heat from your fingers will melt it and glide around. This will be helpful if you want to blend to
the crease. I like to do this because the color will blend to a light gray when blended on any foundation shade.

Now apply shadow over what you packed in, this base will stop the shadow from falling all over your face. Apply

it in little dabs. After that re-line your eye and set the look with mascara! Use a light blush to finish it off and rock that look!


Kat wearing a classic red look to the Emmy Awards.

The look Kat flaunted at the 2012 Emmy Awards was to die for. It was rated the top look of the night on many best lists.
To get her makeup style for yourself you need a true red that is more towards the burgundy or brown side and not blue.
Prep your lips by removing flakes the same way as listed above. Apply foundation as you normally would. Blush with a light pink
or a medium pink if you have dark skin. Apply powder above the blush to get a nice even polished look, this will give you her doll like
even toned face. Try a velvet beige or off white color on the lid and brow bone. Sweep it several times and re-apply again. You want
to have a solid, smooth powdery lid. Opt for a dark brown liner and apply it only to the top lid leaving the bottom bare. Use a
non-clumping mascara like Great Lash or try a clear mascara or even a brow gel to lightly separate the lashes. Sweep a powder across your brows
and fill the shape as desired. If you do not have a powder you like try using a pencil slightly lighter in shade compared to your brows.
The final irresistible touch is the red lipstick. MAC Viva Glam or Viva Glam 1 as it is called lately is THE perfect shade for this look. Opt for going
without liner and using a lip brush to line and fill. Blot and apply with the tube. Blot again. You can use a tissue against your lip and pat behind
it with powder, setting it. Skip gloss for this look. Its all about matte drama!


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Steal Her Look: Kat Dennings

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